Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Your Nineteenth Anniversary Breakdown

We need common sense car control. First, an immediate ban on high capacity fuel tanks. I don't claim to be an expert on automobiles but I know this: if that "motive unknown" van driver had to stop and refuel more often fewer people would have died. We also need an immediate ban on fully automatic transmissions. This method of shifting is clearly militaristic in nature and should be confined to tanks and the like, not something a private citizen can own. It's also clear that the constitutional protections on vehicle ownership were put in place for well-regulated hot rod clubs, which of course no longer exist as the framers intended.  Give up your cars. We have to think of the children being killed by these inherently dangerous and criminal devices.

An 11-year-old boy from Parkland Middle School in El Paso, Texas was hit by a car and killed during the National Student Walkout to protest gun violence on Friday.

If you enjoy bitter irony, and if you didn't you wouldn't be here, this is a fine example.

Jonathan Benko sustained fatal injuries after being struck by a vehicle on Loop 375. Police said Benko was among a group of students who left the designated walkout area during the walkout that marked 19 years since the Columbine shooting.

We're fighting an extremely powerful far-right system controlled by White males! Stand in the designated heroic rebellion area, kids. Make sure you don't stray out of it. Here's some protest signs for you to hold, professionally printed with Soros shekels. Do exactly what you're told by globalist jews. You're the brave resistance. We have carefully planned this spontaneous demonstration.

Informing parents and students about the death of a Parkland Middle School student, the Ysleta Independent School District said in a voicemail: "It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the death of a Parkland Middle School student who left campus this morning and was struck by a vehicle on Loop 375,"KFox14 reported.

The heartfelt reaction from some careerist bureaucrat. With deepest regrets and tears that are soaked, we're sorry to hear one of our assets in the semitic war against your rights went and croaked.

Angela Rodriguez, 14, told the El Paso Times: “He was a free spirit. He was fun to be around, always lighting up the room.”

Eyyyyy, heeee beeeee lighteeennn awp deeee rooom, I theeeeennnnkkkk. Thank you wise, bald la-teen-ah.

In a statement, UMC President and CEO Jacob Cintron told KVIA: “All of us at UMC are heartbroken by the loss of a child belonging to one of our Associates, especially a child as young as Jonathan.”

The loss of this faceless child will be deeply mourned by the school CEO. It is always a shame when someone as young as Student #83633105 is taken from us during what was supposed to be nice safe kosher grandstanding.

“As a father, I can only imagine how hard this must be for Ashley and her family. She is also one of our family at UMC. Our support, thoughts and prayers are with her and her family throughout this difficult time,” he added.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victim of [The Big Columbine 19th Year Memorial Gun Grab]. This is a horrible tragedy, an attack on the diversity that is our greatest strength. If we learn any lessons from this we dishonor his memory. We must continue as if nothing happened. [Getting run over by a car] is a part of life in the city and something we have to get used to. My biggest fear is a backlash from "racists" against the many innocent [motorists]. I trust you all have your candles lit. Let's have a song. "Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle."

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Classic Anti-Semitism

Are you ready for the Liberia Ball slave auction, shkotzim? What could be more exciting than watching identical looking and behaving negro mercenaries being selected to represent the righteous and holy cause of Blue in its eternal war against the hated villains of Red? Will Barkevious join "your" team? It's very important. Besides, it's not like it's all idiotic tar creatures. There's also some bloated Samoans. Please come back, debased White sports cucks, we need your shekels. Would you change your mind if you found out there was an heroic jew athlete in the otherwise monolithic dark horde? Did you know this chosenite has suffered from "anti-semitism?" Still not interested. How about that.

For most of last year, many predicted that UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen would be the first player chosen in the 2018 National Football League draft.

Usually the one jew around ten negroes is a communist wire-puller in the "civil rights" movement giving the dusky "leaders" of the coal monster community their anti-White marching orders, but in this case it's a quarterback.

The sturdy 6-foot-4 signal-caller has racked up an impressive array of passing statistics since his freshman year in 2015, and analysts have praised the right-hander’s throwing mechanics, accuracy and poise in the pocket.

Wow, what a mensch. Did I mention that this poisonous mushroom has really good throwing mechanics and is used to being surrounded by the dark biological weapon its tribe brought here in chains and then turned loose?

he Cleveland Browns, the beleaguered franchise that holds the No. 1 pick this year, badly need a quarterback. The Jewish kid from Manhattan Beach, California, who had a bar mitzvah and is just now barely old enough to legally drink alcohol, was set to make Jewish sports history at Thursday’s draft.

Will the miracle merchant become the new secret weapon that turns Brown into a respectable team on par with Red and Blue?

But over the past few months, Rosen’s stock has begun to drop. In February, Todd McShay, a leading NFL draft analyst, predicted that the New York Giants would select him with the second pick. On Monday, prominent Sports Illustrated writer Peter King wrote that he “can’t find a likely spot” for Rosen in the top six picks.

Oy vey, the lines, the selections. The evil not-see guard coldly gestured for me to join the line being marched out of the top six. My entire family up a chimney, my "draft stock" murdered in a homicidal gas chamber tricked out to look like a shower room.

 ...and such small draft pick portions.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the New England Patriots are interested in Rosen — and they have the 23rd overall pick (although they could trade with another team to get a higher slot).

Well, there's nothing more "patriotic" than slavish devotion to the globalist nation-wrecker and their desert ethnostate, just ask any mainstream politician.

The reason for the slide? Apparently it has nothing to do with Rosen’s physical health or ability to sling a football, but rather involves who he is and what he has said off the field. And for at least one prominent sports TV personality, the conversation about Rosen has dipped into anti-Semitism.

So persecuted. They noticed my bizarre personal life. This is the worst case of "anti-Semitism" I've seen since a Swiss resort wouldn't let us in the freezer. 

Rosen has not just made headlines with his grid skills. He has criticized the college football system, arguing that the high level of play required by the sport and schoolwork don’t mesh. 

A jew doesn't like honest work, imagine that.

He once wore a hat on the golf course that read “F*** Trump.” He snuck a hot tub into his dorm room.

This weird, profane and slimy kike snake is the best hope to fix an ugly kosher monkey game that Whites are abandoning in droves.

He told Bleacher Report in August that he wants to get an MBA, create a business and “own the world.”

This is what is called "typical jewish behavior." 

The Sporting News reported in January that some believed Rosen was only interested in football to “make money and support the lifestyle he wants.”

I was shocked to discover the alien corrupter only cared about muh shekels and not leading Red to victory in the Botswana Ball.

“In retrospect, being Jewish is a big reason why I should have considered UCLA,” he said. “Just because of how Jewish Hollywood is, and they really want someone to look up to because they just don’t have professional athletes.”

"Yes, we control Hollywood," the jew casually mentions while talking about something else.

“First thing you say: doctor, Manhattan Beach … the first thing you think, at least I think: pretty affluent neighborhood, little bit of money,” Johnson said. “They could be broke as a bag of glass, I don’t know, but certainly doesn’t seem that way.

Top quality analysis from a schwoogie. My father, the doctor! Dat alien shylock might be all broke an sheeeet like a pane of glass in Bodymore, eye dawn noe nuffin, but I bett datt high-me gots mad bank.

For Tony Kornheiser — the sports writer and TV personality who stars on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” — this was the last straw.

 Watch your ESPN, gentiles.

“This is classic anti-Semitism. Absolutely classic anti-Semitism. ‘We don’t want this guy, this guy’s too smart,’” Kornheiser said in a rant on his podcast last week. “There’s no such thing as too smart … [T]his is anti Semitism in its most blatant form. It’s like, ‘we don’t want this guy.’”

Ah, these cattle, they hate us because we're so intelligent. It's all jealousy and has nothing to do with our comprehensive plan to destroy the goyim that's now entering its final stages.

Kornheiser, who is Jewish, and his co-hosts also likened the NFL’s fear of Rosen to its past prejudice against black quarterbacks, who on the flip side have been labeled as not smart enough to succeed at the demanding position.

The jungle monster isn't smart enough? Now I've heard everything.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Walk By Shootings and Robbery Attempts Gone Wrong in Chiraq

Incredibly, the latest efforts to appease the "African-American" and place the blame for their consistent failure on anything other than their own violent idiocy have failed. Just like all the other, similar, attempts over the last six decades. The tar monster will get better tomorrow. Meanwhile, you need to give up your rights, your guns and your legal protections. Just ask the jew, they'll tell you. We're so close to fixing these vile monsters, you just have to make more sacrifices. Brought here out of "economic necessity" in semitic chains, turned loose after a disastrous brother war, now a constant reminder that genetic reality doesn't care about your greed, your affected righteousness or whatever kosher delusions you've decided to swallow. Deportation is the only solution.

Shootings this weekend in the city of Chicago have claimed the lives of four people and left at least 21 more wounded.

More tribal warfare as the summer "busy season" rapidly approaches. Living fossils wage an endless, unwinnable war that must continue because we're all equal and I'm a good person and I believe the jew.

The weekend’s first fatal shooting occurred in the 6600 block of South Evans in a parking lot outside of a club. Three men were shot, including a man in his 20’s or 30’s who was shot in the body when a man walked up to the group he was standing in and opened fire.

A creature without human agency walks up on its fellow coal critters and starts drilling. Will this shocking "mass shooting" incident receive national attention from the hebrew media? All signs point to "no."

The man was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

If we fail to cure cancer in the next few years at least we'll know why.

A 26-year-old man was shot in the left leg and neck, and was taken to Northwestern Hospital in critical condition. A woman was also shot, and she was taken to University of Chicago Hospital with a gunshot wound to her left arm.

Don't worry, you'll get the bill for this, White tax-paying chump. Work hard, night terrors who need to have bullets pulled out of their dusky hides are depending on you.

There is no one in custody in the shooting, according to authorities.

No arrests made, no lessons learned, hey, is that jumping monkey ball on the talmudvision?

 We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Another fatal shooting took place Saturday afternoon in the 200 block of South Lotus in what police believe was a robbery attempt gone bad. A 30-year-old woman sitting inside of a vehicle was shot in the torso and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

This may be the Platonic Chiraq shooting. Robbery gone wrong, sitting in a car, we draw down on dem hoes, no arrests, etc.

A 34-year-old woman, who was putting a toddler inside of the car, was shot in the abdomen, and was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition. The toddler was unharmed and was taken to relatives, police said. 

The content of their character.

On Saturday night, another person was killed in the 9400 block of South Wabash, police said. A 22-year-old man was standing near the front entrance of an apartment building when he was shot in the chest. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

The vibrant and enriching "African-American" experience. Something from the first few chapters of a genetic anthropology text stands in front of a building, presumably waiting for the other members of the Mozart Appreciation Society to arrive. Instead the evolutionary dead-end got blasted.

In the city’s most recent fatal shooting early Sunday morning, a 26-year-old man was found lying face-down in the 3300 block of West Hollywood. The man had gunshot wounds to his head and chest, and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

Dis nikka bee chilling on da grawn an sheeet. Wait, my mistake. It's dead.

In the 9700 block of South Brennen at approximately 9:30 p.m., a 19-year-old man was walking when he heard gunshots. He was shot in the left arm, and was taken to Christ Hospital in stable condition, police said.

You can get your walk on. Wait, what's that sound? Aw naw, I bee leekin.

On Friday evening in the 5200 block of South Winchester, a 16-year-old boy was sitting on a porch when a person in a dark colored sedan fired shots. The boy was struck in his left knee, and was taken to Stroger Hospital in stable condition.

A dark sedan full of dark contents unloads on a porch monkey. Stereotypes: they don't arise from nothing.

A 23-year-old man is in critical condition after he was shot in the left leg in the 3500 block of West Polk just after 7:30 p.m. The victim refuses to give police any information on the incident.

In the 3400 block of West Flournoy at approximately 9:58 p.m., a 23-year-old man was standing on a sidewalk when he was shot multiple times. He was taken to Rush Hospital in critical condition, according to police.

This Chiraq sidewalk is the perfect venue for all my standing needs. What could possibly go wrong?

A person in a dark sedan shot a 28-year-old man in the arm at approximately 10:10 p.m. in the 600 block of North Homan. The man, who was riding in another vehicle, was taken to Stroger Hospital in stable condition.

I wonder if this was the same dark sedan from that other outburst of monkeyshines? 

A pair of men were shot in the 3600 block of West Polk at approximately 3:17 p.m. Sunday afternoon. A 19-year-old was shot in the ear and was taken to Mount Sinai in good condition, and another 19-year-old was shot in the buttocks and was taken to the hospital in good condition.

This is the end game of White civilization, the reason we conquered nature, discovered the mysteries of the universe and built great nations: so we could extract high-velocity projectiles from the "booty" of wounded living fossils.

No one has been captured in any of these shootings unless otherwise noted.  

Yeah. I kind of figured.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Two Passionate Public Servants

The rule of law is "racist" and wrong. Attempting to hold the negro to any sort of standard, no matter how minimal, is bad. They must be allowed to run wild and destroy. In Bodymore, Murdaland this is the consensus that has been reached by the magic inferiors charged with running a city that has been completely ruined by the content of their character. Now all that remains is the apologizing and groveling, which is sure to win the respect of moronic living fossils. We're deeply sorry we tried and failed to turn you into pathetic imitation Whites. We'll just let you murder, rape and destroy in peace. It's the right thing to do.

Baltimore’s police commissioner addressed a crowd at a hip-hop concert alongside the mayor, but the audience didn’t seem interested in what he had to say.

In between mumbling (c)rap "music" about killing Whites, receiving oral sex, killing their fellow tar monsters, doing drugs, selling drugs, killing everything walking and loitering in the coffee shop, the magic police commissioner and the cargo cult mayor addressed the dark metastasis. We interrupt this crude rhyme about shooting niggas sitting in cars to present our 40 Watt political ideas. I'm sure the average nightmare animal hoping to hear sick jungle beats from "real nikkas" was thrilled with this development.

“I want to take about 20 seconds to apologize for all the things that the police have done dating back 200 years,” Commissioner Darryl De Sousa said at Wednesday’s Eric B. & Rakim concert at Baltimore Soundstage.

Yes. Everything the "five-oh" has done in the last two centuries was wrong. That's definitely an interesting take on the historical role of law enforcement from a 90 I.Q. commissioner whose job performance calls to mind a corrupt African warlord more than a humble civil servant. We'll get back to "Rakim" slurring semi-coherently about bombing the kuffir in just a moment, but let me holler at you niggas about how all the bedrock institutions of a civilized society are bad and need to be eliminated. Unnnnnnnnn.

A video posted by Baltimore Fishbowl shows De Sousa being met with a few applause but mostly boo’s — as well as several profanities.

I know, who could have predicted this? Normally, embarrassing pandering from an Uncle Tom house nigger is very well received at the "Banga Musik" concert.

“Two hundred years ago, all the way to civil rights. All the way to the ’80s where crack was prevalent in the cities and it affected disproportionately African-American men. All the way to the ’90s. All the way to the 2000’s when we had zero tolerance,” De Sousa added.  

Punishing the negro is wrong. Justice is "racist." Civilization is bad. The Bodymore Top Cop performs its jester act at a Clown World cultural event.

The commissioner went on to say he promises changes will be made to policing in the future.

We'll ignore the rot completely. We're sorry we made you live underground, morlocks.

The vegan hip-hop will resume right after these "yellas" make a failed appeasement attempt.

On Thursday night, the president of Baltimore’s police union issued this statement, in part: “I’m not sure that a blanket apology covering 200 years is appropriate. Law enforcement was created to protect and serve the citizenry despite race and that is what we strive to do, daily.”

You would think so, but one time this negro pointed a gun at the po-po and then got "limited," so clearly you're wrong.

Baltimore Soundstage says the remarks were not choreographed, but they said, in part, “We saw two passionate public servants starting a conversation that needs to be had.”

Well, that or two scumbag careerists who could easily pass the "paper bag test" condescending to much darker night terrors and getting run off the stage.

Baltimore has also seen a surge in violence over the past few weeks after a decline to start the new year.

Time to have a conversation on how to stop warm weather, which is also "racist" and makes brothas hostile.

Full Story.

I thought it was "Yo Yo" and got all excited, but it was just the mayor.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A No-Use Number With No-Use People

White lives don't matter. Our jewish enemy wants us violently dead and the dark inferiors it uses as a biological weapon against us are more than happy to oblige. You need to be armed. We can't delegate our survival, we can't rely on a rotten system to come to the rescue when civilization collapses and the dark monsters emerge from the ruins they created, seeking victims. Until then, recognize that the "911" emergency number is mostly a body disposal service after you've used your fully automatic machine assault gun to defend yourself from the content of their character. Any other application of these magic digits has dubious use, especially with Aunt Jemima waiting to take your call with all the energy, courage, intelligence and civic responsibility we've come to expect from these human calculators.

A former 911 operator who hung up the phone "thousands" of times on people attempting to call in emergencies in Harris County, Texas has been sentenced to jail time.

Some dark animal from a nightmare is breaking into my house! Now you're hearing a dial tone after the worthless simian responsible for a critical junction in the "hide until help arrives" kosher self-defense plan decides her long, multicolored nails are more interesting than your imminent murder.

Crenshanda Williams, 44, was found guilty of interference with emergency telephone calls Wednesday after "systematically" hanging up the phone on residents of Harris County, KTRK reported. 

Muh systematic dereliction of duty. We're still waiting for someone named "Crenshanda" to make even the smallest positive contribution to our semitic salad dish. How much longer can we keep the illusion going that these genetic aliens are human?

An evolutionary dead-end.

She was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months probation.

This must be the "disproportionately harsh" sentencing for the "African-American" I'm always hearing about. Ten days in the jug for this creature's appalling failure. Wow.

Williams reportedly had an unusual number of "short calls," which were no longer than 20 seconds. Prosecutors, according to the Houston Chronicle, determined she hung up on "thousands" of calls.

The content of their character. We hold these truths to be self-evident...

In one instance, emergency caller Jim Moten told KTRK he called 911 in 2016 after he spotted two vehicles speeding on a highway where people had been killed from speeding weeks earlier and thought his call had dropped after a few seconds.

"Hello. This is a White man. I just noticed by homeland is dying all around me." *click*

Court documents, according to the news station, stated that Williams had taken Moten's call and, before he could finish explaining his emergency, she reportedly said: "Ain't nobody got time for this. For real."

The dispatcher also hung up on a caller who tried to report a violent robbery, according to the Chronicle.

Robbery gone wrong. Buy firearms. Get a concealed carry permit. Avoid the negro and la-teen-oh areas as much as possible. Stay alert and assume the worst from every racial inferior.

Williams reportedly spent a year and a half at the Houston Emergency Center taking 911 calls. She was caught in August 2016 and fired.

Yes, it takes about 18 months for a thoroughly corrupt system to notice the staggering incompetence and heartless laziness of the mule of the world.

Williams' attorney, Franklin Bynum, argued that his client "was going through a hard time in her life" when she hung up on the emergency calls, and said "punishing her doesn't do anything to fix the problems that still exist at the emergency center."

This schwoogie had it rough, explains the jew attorney. Besides, it's not like punishing this shvartzeh is going to help the world or anything so you might as well release it back into the wild.

 Jew lawyer defends the rot.

It's unclear what problems at the center Bynum was referring to.

It's almost like this semitic argument had no basis in reality whatsoever. 

The "state-of-the-art" center was opened in 2003 as a consolidation of Houston's three emergency communication centers. 

Advanced technology and primitive hominids: a recipe for success. 

 The broken clock (you're wearing) is right.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

An Open Letter to the Negro

Hello black bodies (Ah!). This is your old friend: the White, liberal, open-minded and endlessly appeasing legacy rump state. Recently, we have realized that expecting you to conform to the standards of White behavior is "racist" and needs to stop. You're simply unable to follow rules, I guess because of slavery and institutional "racism." We were wrong to attempt to civilize you, as evidenced by the over-crowded prisons. Fortunately, a plan has been formulated that will continue to recognize your value in a highly delusional and hypocritical fashion while for the most part shielding us from your savage behaviors. To this end, we are designating special areas where you will be given room to destroy and run wild.

These areas will be Starbucks coffee shops.

Yes, you heard correctly, you will now have special law-free zones where you won't be hassled by the "five-oh" or held to even the lowest of expectations. Your local ice cream and caffeine concern is now a place where you can express the full content of your character, unencumbered by any attempt from a rapidly dying rule of law to prevent the monkeyshines. Starbucks will be replacing "Chuck E. Cheese" and your local pancake house as the one-stop for all your big chimping.

Seriously, try it out! Start by going in and demanding your "reparations" from the honkey devil behind the counter. "Wuh bee muh free coughee, mudda fudda," is the socially prescribed method of making this request. Be sure to get a few extra for your homies, too. You can just pour it down the drain outside if you don't care for that craka-drink. Don't forget to help yourself from the register, too. Remember, you wuz slaves and sheeet and it's the least the noodle-armed soy addicts and bloated snow hoes can do to make up for it. Anything else you want, just take it. Rob some customers.

Dis bee "races" an sheeet, gib me sum chedda.

How about some space to destroy? Yes, the Starbucks can now be a miniature Bodymore. Like hearing glass shatter? Of course you do. Put dat chair thru duh winn-daww, nigga. Don't forget to annihilate the bathroom, the one you were so cruelly denied by "racism," as if you're a la-teen-oh invader who just consumed a brace of burritos. How about putting some of dem ma-sheens on tilt? I bet they're expensive, go mess them up, playa. Remember, you're doing this for "justice" and to create a better world.

Now it's time for the polar bear hunting! That pipe-cleaner armed White cuck is practically begging for your brown paw to the face. How about some purple-haired fat-body with an "I had an abortion" shirt? Wind up and blast away, dawg. Hit dat milk so hard da beech will be thinking dat jaw is being aborted. You're allowed to do this, a couple of groids were told to leave, once. This is your free-range rep-a-ma-ray-shun all against all. Get dat free sheeet, bust the place up and then pummel someone fresh out of "racial sensitivity" training. I hope yo nose ain't sensitive, cuz it be gettin hit.

Then, late at night, you can emerge from the sewer you live in, drag away the weak Eloi and devour them.

In conclusion, come back to Starbucks, "African-American." We're very eager to show just how accepting of your pathology we really are.

  Your free ticket to endless negro mayhem.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

There's a Reason

The benefits of illegal immigration just keep piling up. It's hard to believe anyone would be opposed to foreign invasion and the demographic disaster that follows when you consider all we're getting in return. Did you even consider muh Gee Dee Pee? Already obscenely wealthy jew bastards are earning so many new shekels that it might even cause a notable improvement in their already bloated and parasitic existences. Isn't that wonderful? Another victory for the market. More competition is great, lower wages drive prosperity, you're going to be replaced by brown slaves. We haven't even talked about the food and music. They're great drivers, too.

An arrest has been made following a road rage incident where a car rammed into a motorcyclist, pushing him off the road in Sarasota, deputies announced.

A la-teen-oh pile of shit climbs behind the wheel and demonstrates why "diversity" is a mighty strength. Endless conflict caused by racial and cultural differences is really good. Ask any jew.

Sarasota County deputies said they arrested 30-year-old Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla on Tuesday. The incident occurred on Sunday evening near Beneva Road and Riviera Drive. 

Great job, 90 I.Q. police! Now we'll put this creature on the honor system for that appearance in the "racist" court. Our country is not dying, that's for sure. Hey, would you like to see the "comprehensive" plan I came up with for Syria? It's mostly young Whites dying.

Video captured Sunday shows a man on a motorcycle, Darin Hendrickson yelling for the driver of a car to pull over.

Let's yell at the greaser in a language it doesn't know and has no interest in learning. I'm a tough guy, let me tell you, just like in a jew movie. Oh no, Pablo wasn't intimidated by my mid-life crisis cycle.

Hendrickson said the driver threw a metal object at him and, instead of pulling over, the driver slams into him and takes off.

Natural conservatives, an act of love, better at being American than you, shkotzim. We need more "caravans" and let's get those soldiers off the border and into the Middle East right now.

Eyyyy, I vote for Rubio.

"He just willingly knew what exactly he was doing," he said. "He tried to kill me and there is nothing that is going to change that."
Let's dispel with this fiction that [some fucking wetback] doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's trying to change this country.

Two days later, tips from the public led deputies to the car's driver - Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla.

On tonight's episode of "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." 

"Complete relief, I didn't have to look, I didn't have to take matters in my own hands and this is just teaching me patience," said Hendrickson. 

Last time you tried to "take matters into your own hands" you nearly got turned into pavement pizza, so maybe it's a good thing. Thanks electronic jew, for creating debased and ineffectual Whites like this goof.

Deputies found the car parked behind the home of Medrano-Bonilla's friend. It had been stripped of its doors, windows, and tag. 

Seriously, they're going to vote Republican. No, really.

Deputies said Medrano-Bonilla was driving without a license. Deputies arrested him for aggravated battery and driving without a license.  

Somewhere a libertarian autism case gives Pablo a big thumbs up.

"There's a reason why he didn't have a license, there's a reason why he didn't own a car and there's a reason why he ran," said Hendrickson.  

No prizes for successfully guessing that reason.

That reason, said Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight, is because Medrano-Bonilla is here illegally. He came to the U.S from El Salvador in 2014.


They believe in small government and family values.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Faggot Fuel

The successful jewish promotion of sodomite degeneracy as something healthy and normal remains one of the most amazing kosher shucks of our time. It doesn't take a degree in medicine to realize that the purpose of the anus is not to house an erect penis, light bulbs, small animals or wet cement and it doesn't take a degree in kosher psychology to realize that the completely broken individual participating in these vile acts is severely mentally defective. Despite these seemingly insurmountable barriers, the merchant has used a combination of endless lies (They're just like you!) and outright coercion to promote a "lifestyle" that results in the complete destruction of the body, mind and soul. The merchant has worked tirelessly to shield the goyim from the actual truth, but occasionally some gets through anyway, like an "environmentalist" ass pirate immolating to teach us all a valuable lesson.

A “green” activist who was a pioneering lawyer for gay and transgender rights — including in the notorious “Boys Don’t Cry” rape murder case — committed suicide by setting himself on fire Saturday morning in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in a grisly act of protest against the ecological destruction of the Earth.

Just like a sane normal person, I can't tell the difference. A societal cancer who was aroused by rectums becomes a faggot in the fire. This sick piece of shit displays the final end game of self-destructive hedonism and acting as a useful idiot for one semitic cause after another. Turn in your car and flush toilet, gentiles.

David Buckel, 60, left behind a charred corpse and a typed suicide note that said he was burning himself to death using “fossil fuel” to reflect how mankind was likewise killing itself, police sources said.

We can all agree that this sodomite was a hero and certainly had no mental issues. At least this amateur cremation attempt should kill the dozens of diseases in the queer body that couldn't survive (Ah! Ah!) that were brought on by a life devoted to buggery and attacking the shrinking number of healthy Americans.

He left the note in a manila envelope marked “To The Police,” recovered from inside a black metal pushcart he discarded at the scene. 

They should have thrown it in the trash without reading it.

“My early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

You had to wear a diaper because of a destroyed rectum. I'm not sure you should be lecturing anyone on what they're "doing to themselves."

 Sodomite freakazoid cooked up.

He added, “Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purpose in death.”

Nothing is more "honorable" than a life that revolved around boathouses and bathroom stalls with little holes cut between them followed by the noble death in a failed "fire challenge." 

Passers-by were horrified to see Buckel’s burned remains.

Six decades of narcissism, corruption and poisoning the well of our country end with one final and pathetic "Look at me!" 

“It’s a shock; it’s a shame,” said mom Dana Lall as she shepherded a crowd of Catholic-school kids past the horrific scene, en route to a baseball game.

If you live for sin, this is where it will end, children. He's still burning, for all eternity, in hell.

As a senior attorney with Lambda Legal defense, Buckel was a lead lawyer in a 2000 lawsuit on behalf of transgender “Boys Don’t Cry” rape-murder victim Brandon Teena, helping the family recover additional damages from neglectful Nebraska law enforcement.

Wow. What a hero.

The 1999 movie earned Hilary Swank an Oscar for her portrayal of Teena.

A jew-produced movie I never saw, featuring some actress I've never heard of, helped to normalize the spiritual sickness that has since devoured my homeland.

More recently, Buckel worked as an urban gardener and ecologist with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, helping run what he called the largest composting program in the country to use only renewable sources of energy.
Somehow, all the "urban gardening" and backdoor deliveries failed to give life a strong enough purpose where continuing to suck air seemed a superior choice to dying in agony.

“There’s no denying that sticking with renewable resources means a lot of elbow grease with pitchforks and shovels,” he wrote in a 2016 article on the Botanic Garden Web site. “But it is incredibly satisfying work.”

Not to be confused with the large amounts of industrial lubricant needed to access an orifice designed for elimination.

Full Story.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Judea Declares War on Hungary

Europe is for everyone. It makes sense to move the entire population of Africa and the Middle East into White homelands. The magical soil will immediately convert the brown hordes into good little globalist consumer units and because every human being is exactly the same (jews are special and better, Whites are evil) it's critical that we win the vital "people race" with an endless flood of dark inferiors. Any resistance to this jewish plot is deeply wrong, because the jew said so. If you're not willing to peacefully slouch toward the demographic gallows, the nation-wrecker will attack.

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee will ask MEPs to vote for Hungary to be sanctioned over alleged violations of the rule of law, just days after Viktor Orban's decisive re-election.

Muh civil liberties and justice. Words stripped of all meaning are deployed against a nation resisting the semitic planned demolition. The European Economic Union springs into action. Inside their Tower of Babel the demonic jew bastard schemes against nationalism, tradition and a future for White Europe.

"Time and time again, Viktor Orbán's government has undermined the independence of the judiciary, freedom of the press and the fundamental rights of its citizens," said the motion, authored by Dutch Green Party MEP Judith Sargentini, who has led an investigation on whether Budapest is in breach of "EU values."

Hungary has prevented the poisonous mushroom's campaign of corruption, has refused to admit hordes of enemygrants and isn't committing kosher suicide. These are not European values, declares the globalist financier. Here comes the charge of the kike brigade.

"This is not something we call for lightly. But the EU has an obligation to protect the rights of every single one of its citizens. With no sign that the Hungarian government will change course, the Council must initiate proceedings now," wrote Sargentini.

That violent Somali idiot, the moose-limb rape gang and the traveling merchant are the real "citizens." Change your course Hungary. Climb into the grave that's been dug for you.

 The jew's worst nightmare.

Article 7 has only been invoked once in EU history, against Poland in 2015, though no significant sanctions have come of it so far.

This isn't the first time the devil's children have unsuccessfully attacked a healthy White country.

Orban's government, which has been in power since 2010, is being incriminated for restricting the operation of foreign-funded universities and NGOs, which affected the George Soros-backed Central European University in Budapest and his foundations, restricting the rights of migrants, religious and ethnic minorities.

We have the right to invade and destroy your ancestral homeland. 

Fidesz says that the attacks on Hungary are a politically-motivated punishment for refusing to bend to EU rules on accepting migrants.

It's not like they're even trying to disguise it.

Indeed, a lot of the support for Orban's party in the recent election is thought to come from his tough stance against accepting migrants. 

The indigenous White population doesn't want to participate in this insane jewish experiment. Imagine that.

Since the start of the massive influx of asylum seekers in 2015, he has built border walls and pushed back against EU-inforced quotas on accepting migrants.

The wall is neither big nor beautiful, but it sure is effective.

Orban's sworn nemesis in this is American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros, who Orban accuses of "organizing illegal immigration" through a network of NGOs. This enmity has given a name to the landmark 'Stop Soros Act,' soon to be introduced by Fidesz, which aims to severely tax the work of foreign-funded NGOs in Hungary.

Hungary obviously has a bright future.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

We Deserve Way More

They're going to do the jobs you won't. It's an economic necessity. They're natural conservatives Christians, once removed from their superstitious devil worship. This is not going to change the demographics or lead to massive societal upheaval and besides, you like money, right? These were the kosher arguments for negro slavery. Brought here in jewish chains, released as a permanently dysfunctional underclass, now a threat to our future and very survival, the tar monster sure was a semitic bargain. And we're not done paying yet! The wasteful dead-on-arrival "fix the negro" programs, the endless appeasement, the Dane-geld paid to try to limit the destruction caused by this inferior invasive species, it's not nearly enough. More needs to be done. Gibs me dem repp-ah-ma-ray-shuns. Deportation is the answer.

Concerned about the plight of black people in her Missouri district, a Democratic state senator on Tuesday called for reparations for former slaves and criticized her own party for taking African-American votes for granted.

Go get that wallet, Whites! Over half a century of paying and paying into the worst possible investment, of attempting to alter genetic reality via a combination of concessions, cowardice and delusion, has led to no discernible improvement in the genetic alien. If anything, they've gotten worse. Obviously, we're one more punitive tax away from success. The next fit of monetary dissipation will be the magic bullet that turns a failed race of dangerous idiots into cut-rate Whites.

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, criticized white Democrats, such as U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, saying there's "no difference" between them and Republicans. Both parties, she said, have failed black people.

Both parties have failed White people, Aunt Jemima.

“Neither one of them give a heck about the black community, only the votes," Chappelle-Nadal said.

The best part about pouring limited resources into the sewer that is the "African-American" is all the gratitude you get in return.

Speaking on the Senate floor during a debate on a tax bill, Chappelle-Nadal said she was motivated by the calls and emails she receives about her constituents' needs.

"Wuh bee muh mudda fuddin chedda?" wonders Ibeefarrowwansheeet at AOL dot com.

“When I’m getting a single mother of three children calling me trying to find a place to live because they don’t have a place to live, that’s what’s on my mind today and every single day," Chappelle-Nadal said.

Hey, I've got an idea that will solve the "place to live" problem! Africa.

 The nigga bodies (Ah!), they can't survive an sheet...

She didn't expect any legislation supporting reparations would be successful. In 2016, a United Nations working group suggested the U.S. consider reparations for slavery.

If this outrage is successful, whatever remains of America is officially dead, replaced by a rotting jewish golem.

McCaskill called on Chappelle-Nadal to resign last year over a Facebook post saying she hoped President Donald Trump would be assassinated. Chappelle-Nadal later apologized for the post.

The content of their character. They have no place in civilized White nations. Here's your slavery reparations package: a one-way ticket back to Liberia.